Daily Journal & Mental Health Tracker

Journal your daily life

Journalio lets you track your daily feelings which can give you a great overview about your mental health over time. The app provides neat statistics so you can see everything at a glance. It will be available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac¹.


If you decide you can add a PIN to unlock the app, so no-one else can see your entries

Moods & Tags

Each entry can have a mood and multiple customizable tags


Add locations to your entries to remember special places



View useful statistics to see how your mental health evolves


Setup daily reminders so you never forget to log your day

Privacy First

No tracking, no ads and all your data is securely synced via iCloud

Sign up for Beta

This app is in early development. The Beta is now available via TestFlight.

Sign up now to get a 1 year premium subscription for free when Journalio launches²!

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  1. macOS App will not be available on release and will be added in a future release
  2. You will need to verify that you participated in the Beta and will afterwards receive an offer code for the App Store



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